Red Wolf Editions is an online poetry space.

It is the publishing imprint of Red Wolf Journal. The journal features thematic poetry collections. Selected poems will be posted on that site during the submission periods of the current thematic issue (typically March to August for the Fall issue, and September to February for the Spring issue). The journal releases two issues a year, in March and in September.

You may check out the submissions page for the current issue’s theme.

The theme of the current issue is “A Change of World”, if you are interested to submit.

Selected poems will be featured in the issues posted online on this site and at Red Wolf Journal.

Red Wolf Editions is an openly accessible platform. Our digital collections are available in PDF format, published under the Red Wolf imprint. We believe that poems have value, intangible but valuable, speaking to our souls and are a living testament of our souls, be it individual or collective. They are, if you like, the result of the soul’s work and the soul’s journey.

Our archive for past collections can be found here.

Besides the thematic collections, we invite you to submit poem manuscripts. All will be PDF issues, no print copies:

10-30 poems (You may submit 10 poems minimum, or 30-ish poems, or any number in between)

Please note the following:

1) Your poetry collection will be published as a PDF issue at this site, available for all to download for free. We do not do print copies at the moment. If you want a printed book, do not submit here. If you want to showcase a very small selection of your poetry, this may be your place. Please do not submit if you intend to withdraw your submission later.

2) If you’re submitting your work here, do not submit it elsewhere. You allow three months for consideration. Please respect the time and effort put in to consider your work. If you do not hear within the time stated above, it means we’re not taking up your work and then you may submit elsewhere. No rejection letter will be sent.

3) Please cite publications where your poems have previously been published. However the majority of poems in the collection has to be new, unpublished material.

4) If you have a cover artwork proposal, kindly submit it together with your manuscript. If not we will propose a cover, and the final artwork shall be at our discretion. We will not be laboring too much over the cover artwork as we’re not professionally paid to do so.

You may email your manuscript for our consideration at redwolfeditions AT gmail DOT com. Thank you for submitting your work to Red Wolf Editions.

Submit via email here.


From 2023 onwards, we shall cease our thematic collections. Our site shall continue to be a platform for small digital collections by individual poets.


You may find our collections here:

park selection by josh medsker

a book of beasts illustrated edition3

a book of beasts

The Coronavirus Poetry Issue Final edition

On the whims of the crosscurrents by Emalisa Rose

Pandemic Collections: The Coronavirus Poetry Issue & Isolation Diaries

Only Borrowed Light: Poems of the Soul in Reflection, by Emil Sinclair

Imprinting Waves, by Jesse LoVasco

Conflicted Excitement, by LindaAnn Loshiavo

Say This In A Whisper, by Dah

Green-Weak, by Therese L Broderick

Having Taken Vows, by Christopher Hileman

Duet, by Christopher Hileman and Irene Toh

Our collections can also be found over at Red Wolf Journal.

If you have difficulty reading our blog you may read over at Red Wolf Journal.

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