Wack (after Keith Haring), by Joshua Medsker

(after Keith Haring)

By Joshua Medsker

Out on the FDR
ready to cross into Queens

out the window
just past the Spanish Harlem

on the back wall
of a handball court

a fat-lined
weathered head proclaims


with worry
lines faded from 1986

as the handball bomps
across the face of Manhattan
in the shadow
of the late, great NYC.

crackiswack image 3

Keith Haring, Crack Is Wack

Joshua Medsker’s writing has appeared in many publications, including: Red Wolf Journal, Contemporary American Voices, The Brooklyn Rail, The Review Review, Haiku Journal, and Red Savina Review. For a complete list of Mr. Medsker’s publications, please visit his website. (www.joshmedsker.com)

Editor’s note: Joshua’s poem will appear in a new release by Red Wolf Editions, Time Is A River Without Banks, an Ekphrastic Poetry edition. If you wish to submit, you can do so by end February 2019. Submit to redwolfeditions@gmail.com Submission guidelines here.

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