Perspectives, By Debi Swim

By Debi Swim

They walk along the chilly shore
heads together deep in conversation
the sounds of the gulls overhead
barely tugging the stuff of awareness

Skiffs and other colorful boats
committed to the business of commerce
take no notice of the couple
But curse the gulls as thieves and nuisances

The sky belongs to the keen gulls
single-minded, aggressively hungry
one eye on the couple for crumbs
the other for a chance to pilfer fish

And I sit far up on the hill
with a spyglass watching the classic scene
flicker like a silent movie
awed by the many perspectives below

what we see and what we ignore
one man’s beauty and another’s mundane
it’s all the same and yet remains
someone’s point of view, someone’s diehard truth.

“We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” ― Ayn Rand

Photo prompt by Red Wolf Prompts, Prompt 423 (

Debi Swim writes poetry or something like it in WV.

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