An Old Me Remembers Young Ian Anderson, by Linda Goin

An Old Me Remembers Young Ian Anderson
by Linda Goin

How I love YouTube, the ability to remember
dead people and others barely alive
performing back when I was in college,
or younger. Your flute, your pot belly.
I recollect you as slim as you wore a tartan
and a purple tam, singing about being thick
as a brick. Your red hair and beard,
along with those boots and tight white pants
drove the crazy in me thinking about accents
and codpieces, but your affectations turned
me off. Looking back, I understand now,
and I am in awe over your lyrics and theatrics.
I really don’t mind if I sit this one out.
My god. Nothing is easy.

This poem was taken literally from YouTube and my memories of Jethro Tull. The last two lines are taken from two of Anderson’s early songs.

The poetry of Virginia-born Linda Goin is informed by many locales, including Pennsylvania, Colorado, Australia, and Kentucky. Her poems have been published in Yankee Boy Review, Poets for Living Waters, Mentress Moon (Sundress Publications), and Mojave River Review. Her chapbook She-Oak is forthcoming from Musehick Publications.

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