Blindsided, by Judy DeCroce & Antoni Ooto

by Judy DeCroce & Antoni Ooto

I find pain
like a tongue to a loose tooth.

Is life all luck or fate…
love or unexpected emptiness?

There is a week,
then a season,

distractions, commitments,
an errand, and some time filled.

with a sound, a sight, an email,

I catch my breath…
and once again
                            am blindsided.

Writers, storyteller and educator Judy DeCroce, and poet/artist Antoni Ooto are based in Upstate New York.

Married and sharing a love of poetry, these two creative souls gather inspiration during their morning poetry sessions over a pot of coffee where they listen to, critique, and revise their work.

Judy DeCroce, has been published in PilCrow & Dagger, Red Eft Review, Front Porch Review, Amethyst Review, An Upstate of Mind, as well as Palettes & Quills, and Writers & Books.

Antoni Ooto has been published in The Red Eft Review, Ink Sweat and Tears, Young Ravens Literary Review, Front Porch Review, Amethyst Review, Upstate of Mind and Palettes and Quills, and both have been published in many other journals.

They are collaborating on an upcoming book.

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