Golden Anniversary, by Joe Cottonwood

Golden Anniversary
by Joe Cottonwood

Drinking coffee in that dumpy kitchen
fifty years ago in Missouri
if you asked where we imagined
our lives would take us
redwood trees would not figure into the answer
but here we stand.

If you’d asked how an English major
and a History major could support themselves
we’d have shrugged and smiled.

A good marriage is half love
and half luck.

We had a plan: go to Canada
and figure something out
which in the Sixties
made as much sense as anything.

Instead, this forest our home.
Fun is transient.
Strength, uplift, roots,
that’s joy.

Half a century
weathering changes
passes in a blink.
Ask any sequoia.

Joe Cottonwood is a semi-retired contractor with a lifetime of repairing homes by day, writing by night. He lives under (and at the mercy of) redwood trees in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. His most recent book is Foggy Dog: Poems of the Pacific Coast.

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