Return to Realism (1st of February 2020), by Michael J Leach

Return to Realism
(1st of February 2020)

by Michael J Leach

I drive into the heart
of the storm
just to see you
           in person
on just another Day

of Saturn.
Everything & everyone
other than you in this stormy satiny milieu
is mostly just a distraction
from what actually matters

to me.
As rain falls on my vehicle,
I resolutely resolve
to never endeavour
to compare you to
anything or anyone
other than you
unless you ask me to

in person.
As I finally pull up
at your rustic rural residence,
I can already see myself
pulling up a seat across from you
at your wooden kitchen table

and forgetting
everything & everyone
other than you
to the sound of the storm
raging outside.

Process note: I composed this poem in my head on Saturday the 1st of February 2020 while driving into a storm to spend the weekend with my partner, who lives over three hour’s drive from my house. Late that night, the words resurfaced and filled the first page of my new writing journal.

Michael J Leach is an Australian poet and researcher whose poems have appeared in Cordite Poetry Review, Meniscus Literary Journal, The Medical Journal of Australia, The Mathematical Intelligencer, the Antarctic Poetry Exhibition, and elsewhere. His love poem ‘The Everyday Arts and the Everlasting Muse’ can be found in the In Case of Emergency Press anthology One Surviving Poem: Forty-Two Poets Select the Poem they Most Want to Survive. Michael’s first poetry collection – a chapbook – is forthcoming from Melbourne Poets Union.

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