Growing Together, by Mark Tulin

Growing Together
by Mark Tulin

We are both flowers on a summer day
Growing together
Absorbing the effervescent sun
Birds drifting in levitation
Our souls are rooted in a field of green
Our delicate petals opening, curving
Expanding upward to the universe
Bees buzzing innocently around us
Hummingbirds drinking our nectar
All of nature approving of us
We are in harmony with the earth
Celebrating our love in the morning
Amidst the reds, purples, and golds.

Mark Tulin is a former family therapist from Philadelphia who lives in Santa Barbara, California. Mark has two poetry books, Magical Yogis and Awkward Grace available on Amazon. He has an upcoming book of fiction, The Asthmatic Kid and Other Stories available in August of this year. Mark has been featured in The Creativity Webzine, Amethyst Review, Poppy Road Review, Visitant, Oddball Magazine, New Readers Magazine, as well as anthologies, magazines, and podcasts. You can follow Mark at Crow On The Wire, twitter@ Crow_writer; Instagram: crowonthewire_poet.

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