A sense of déjà vu, by Preeth Ganapathy

A sense of déjà vu
by Preeth Ganapathy

Scores of people wait at the bus stop
with green and white masks
adorning their face

Hand hygiene, social distancing, geo fencing
and other such technical terms
find a place in the common vocabulary.

Wheat flour, soap, rice and lentils
take off from the racks faster than
the speed of changing thoughts in a cluttered mind.

Offices shut down, schools close
entertainment no longer matters
in the clamour for base survival.

How do the viruses enter human life?
through contact alone?
or are they airborne?

They inhabit a being who dispenses them freely
as he moves around.
Like a walking beehive.

Tiny organisms that are left behind start their own startup
sponging on the fertile ground of fresh blood and soft tissues
causing death to do a geometric progression

All those sci-fi movies of the yore
spelling apocalyptic doom
did not lie after all.

Preeth Ganapathy lives in Bengaluru, India. Her works have been published in a number of online magazines including the Short Humour Site, Spark and The Literary Yard.

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