Napkin in the Cafe, by Shelly Narang

Napkin in the Cafe
by Shelly Narang

I reached the resort last evening
Braided with wild grass and flowers,
Notes of music drift through the hills and
Here I sit with my thoughts
And some residual coffee.
I hold its small, hot hand
I don’t say, shh! I don’t say, it’s okay.
I will wait until I’m done having feelings.
The grinder croons heavy on my ears,
Crushing coffee beans and pushing
Aside some heavy sighs.
The girl behind the counter
Is making some design with the coffee froth
That I cannot fathom.
A friend had told me, last night
on the phone, those with too many thoughts
travel the world more clearly,
have a more accurate view
of this bizarre world.
But days like today, I concede, I’m lost.
I spend more time adrift in my mind
than cars stuck in traffic in this
alchemical winter rain.
So, I’m writing this down on a napkin,
this little rambling by the cafe.
We creak through doors
Splash water on our faces.
Drink espresso as quietly as we can
watching car after car on the road.
We’re all looking for someplace to go.

Shelly Narang is a citizen of Chandigarh, India. She is an academic and a poet. She attended Department of English and Cultural studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh for her Masters Program and finished it with top honours. Later she wrote her thesis on South Asian Women Writing for her Doctoral Degree. She was also shortlisted for a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship at University of Texas, Austin, USA in 2008. She was the editor and contributing author of the bilingual poetry collection Resonating Strings (Authors press, 2015). Her poems have appeared in numerous international anthologies and journals, notably The Muse, Indian Literature and several others. She has been working as an Assistant Professor in Chandigarh for a decade and has taught courses like British Poetry, Applied Linguistics to postgraduate students.

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