Return To The Grand Canyon, by Peter Goodwin

Return To The Grand Canyon
by Peter Goodwin

We came here so many years ago
when we are just learning to live with each other
discovering the wonder of this great gash
traveling along the southern rim
every view a vision.
Hotels, campgrounds full, closed to casual visitors
so we left and camped elsewhere…I don’t remember where
We might have fought that night
We had quite a few that trip
while discovering this harsh and magnificent
western land, and how to work and live together…
we always wanted to return.

Now I have… but without you
down in the womb of this canyon
on its river in small boats
how you would have drunk in every twist
and opening of this great canyon
though perhaps uncomfortable at first,
sitting in these beautiful but unstable craft
as we rowed, floated, drifted, bounced and
flew through the rapids of this exhilarating river—
just as you were uncomfortable, at first,
when we bought a sailboat
uneasy with its tilt and a little unsure,
with its swaying, swinging and leaning movements
eventually learning to love that intimacy with water and vista—
you would have settled easily into the rhythm of the boats
and this unpredictable and dynamic river
drinking in every challenge and change of view
but your life took turns unplanned
your journey ended too early, incomplete
and I make this river trip alone
though not completely.

Teacher, traveller, playwright, poet, single or not and points in between, Peter Goodwin was raised and educated in USA and UK, settled in New York City enjoying its vibrant clutter until priced out of the City and now lives mostly near the Chesapeake Bay, becoming a reluctant provider to squirrels, deer, raccoons, birds and mosquitoes, etc. Poems published in the chapbook, No Sense Of History; and anthologies: September eleven; Maryland Voices; Listening to The Water: The Susquehanna Water Anthology; Alternatives To Surrender; Wild Things–Domestic and Otherwise; The Coming Storm as well as in various journals including Rattle, Memoir(and), River Poets Journal, Delaware Poetry Review, Yellow Medicine Review, Main Street Rag, Poeming Pigeon, LockRaven Review, Sliver of Stone, Literary Nest, Greensilk Review.

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