English Lessons In Bangkok, by Peter Goodwin

English Lessons In Bangkok
by Peter Goodwin

Having little money
for English lessons
they offered to feed me.
Three times a week,
I was nourished
by three sisters,
whose food looked as
sexy and as spicy
as it tasted, we drank
cool sweet water
infused with aromatic flowers,
we talked and smiled
in their small house
with floors and walls
of teak built above a lazy,
lethargic almost
motionless canal.

Sometimes the mosquitoes
were as ravenous as I,
but the sisters would
never swat or spray
them, instead they
directed a fan
to blow them away.
They lived their Buddhism.

Today, when we all
seem so angry
I remember
those gentle sisters
and smile.

Teacher, traveller, playwright, poet, single or not and points in between, Peter Goodwin was raised and educated in USA and UK, settled in New York City enjoying its vibrant clutter until priced out of the City and now lives mostly near the Chesapeake Bay, becoming a reluctant provider to squirrels, deer, raccoons, birds and mosquitoes, etc. Poems published in the chapbook, No Sense Of History; and anthologies: September eleven; Maryland Voices; Listening to The Water: The Susquehanna Water Anthology; Alternatives To Surrender; Wild Things–Domestic and Otherwise; The Coming Storm as well as in various journals including Rattle, Memoir(and), River Poets Journal, Delaware Poetry Review, Yellow Medicine Review, Main Street Rag, Poeming Pigeon, LockRaven Review, Sliver of Stone, Literary Nest, Greensilk Review. Peterdgoodwin.net

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